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Artist Statement

The art I create is all about observation. It starts with a decision to stop and notice my surroundings, whether they are large, cavernous rock outcroppings, calm wave pools in the ocean, or items that fit within my hand. Careful observation of the natural world are what feed my inspiration to create a painting. 

Most often, I work in oil paint. I find it to be a forgiving and enjoyable medium that lends itself to a wide array of color choices, and a variety of textures and subjects. What began as an obsession with rock formations, finding hues of green and purple within sandstone and shale, has since evolved. Now I apply keen observations of color and form to elements like water, clouds, people and plants. I enjoy working on large scale pieces, to convey the impression received from scenes of Lake Erie, the Pacific Ocean, a volcano or other impactful parts of nature. Yet, the desire of buyers to own smaller pieces has driven me to work in that scale as well. 

Other mediums that lend themselves to my work are watercolor and ceramics. I find the color possibilities in watercolor and the way the medium interacts with itself relatable to oil. However, it offers a more approachable scale and seems to carry less pressure in the piece than an oil painting. I enjoy leaning into watercolor work between regular paintings and other tasks. Ceramic art satisfies my desire to be messy and to connect with the medium through my hands. The art created on my pottery wheel explores glaze combinations and experiments with beach glass. I never make the same piece twice."


Artist Bio

Meet the artist

Brittany Selfe Paynter is a self-taught professional painter who lives in Geauga County, Ohio. She is the Executive Director of the Geauga Arts Council and runs the website for the organization. In addition to raising her two children, she owns her own small business, Creative Spirit Studios, which offers freelance web design services and art classes in her local community.

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Non-profit arts organization

Since 2001, the Geauga Arts Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enrichment of our community through the promotion of education, access and participation in the arts.


  • We believe people of all ages should have access to arts and cultural activities

  • Arts and Culture connects people

  • Arts education and lifelong learning is important

  • Participation in the arts enriches lives and strengthens the culture of our community

  • Economic opportunity and support are essential to maintaining a vibrant arts community

  • Our goals are to support and develop the arts and culture in Geauga County.


Chardon Recreation Department

Art Teacher

Explore all things art! My classes are perfect for young children who love to make art. We use a variety of materials; collage, drawing, painting, pastels, markers, and more! Each session will focus on a handful of projects incorporating the different mediums, with students leading the subject matter of their work. I introduce techniques and encourage students to try materials they may be unfamiliar with. Dress for mess! All materials are provided.

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