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Paypo Ceramics


Over almost two decades of making ceramics the signature on the bottom of my pottery has changed many times. After getting married in 2021 to the Paynter man of my dreams, I've settled on my new ceramic namesake. I came up with the name "Paypo" by combining Paynter and Pottery.

Decorative Pieces

Spruce up your shelf, mantel or windowsill with beautiful ceramic items. These pieces are intended for decorative use only. Some of them incorporate melted glass or glazes that are not intended for food use.

Kitchen Accessories

Add a little beauty and function to your countertop with these select small batch ceramic pieces. Each item was handmade with care from my home studio.

Glass Galaxies

Experimentation meets fascination. I've seen many ceramics infused with glittering, fractured glass, and frequently incorporate this design into my work. Upon closer inspection of the melded colors, I discover tiny worlds, galaxies if you will, within each vessel.

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