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Hello! My name is Brittany Selfe Paynter, and I am a self taught professional painter (yes, really!), mom of two, art teacher, illustrator, and small business owner. Through oil paint and watercolor, I aim to translate the beauty of the natural world onto canvas and paper. I also love working with ceramics, creating a line of functional and beautiful pottery.

I sincerely believe every person has a creative spirit within themselves. I am happy to guide you in listening to your muse and training your hands to produce your own unique artwork. I teach students from age two to 102, in a wide variety of mediums. 

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Young child printing with paint and bubble wrap
Watercolor class with kids.
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Local Artist Feature

The hallway at UH Geauga Medical Center, just past the gift shop, is now sponsored by my business, Creative Spirit Studios. I am honored to highlight the work of various local artists in this way. The exhibit rotates on a quarterly basis. Click the button to learn more and shop the current artist's work.

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