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365 sketches (or less)

At the beginning of 2024 I challenged myself to draw one sketch every single day. About 40 days in, I re-evaluated and decided 100 days was a perfectly sufficient goal. At around day 75 I was nearly dreading having to do another sketch. I made it to day 81 or 82 and felt like that was good enough.

The point is, don't challenge yourself, but rather, invite yourself to notice your surroundings and see if there is anything in particular that is asking to be drawn. It is helpful to keep your sketchbook and supplies handy just in case there is something worthy of being doodled.

Here are some examples of what I drew during my season of daily creativity:

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6 days ago

I love seeing the sketch right next to the item that was sketched!

Replying to

Thank you! Sketching from observation is one of my favorite practices!

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