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How to set up your art space

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

When planning a creative area in your home the first thing you should consider is who will be using this space. Is it for toddlers, young children, teens or adults? Here is my list of necessities regardless of who will be using the space:

  • A table and chair that fit the artist.

  • A "sacrificial" rug under the table; think something from the thrift store or a hand me down. that if it gets dirty, no big deal! It protects the floor beneath it. This is the one we have.

  • A shelf with art supplies always at the ready, you never know when the mood will strike! This should be accessible at all times.

  • A standing easel for painting. This one grows with your child, and I use this one for myself.

  • Shelves or drawers to store excess supplies. This one is pictured below and holds a lot of stuff.

Here is what my children's art space looks like. We use what I suppose most people would consider our "dining room" to serve their art and homeschool needs. This space is constantly changing, evolving and being cleaned. Each time it seems to inspire them to make more and more art, so we're doing something right.

Art supplies that should be a staple in any creative space*:

*As one develops a preference for mediums, some of these don't apply. So use your discretion depending on your targeted audience.

*I have a surplus of these wall mount containers, which I spray painted in my own studio to color coordinate; White for watercolor, Olive Green for oil, etc. If you're interested, they're available for purchase and local pickup while supplies last. Shop them here.

Here is a picture of one corner of my brand new studio, which I am still in the process of setting up:

I'd love to see how you set up your space! Share a picture in the comments, and let me know what questions you have.

Some of the links in this

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