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Faux Tie Dye Suncatchers

Make a big impact with an open ended project. Using household items and one of my favorite art supplies.

We ended the school year on a high note with these beautiful, two-step creations. I call it "faux tie dye" because we are simply mimicking the effect, not creating true tie dyed pieces.

Bright colors and a lot of saturation are the key to success here.

Begin by going around the house and collecting all of the supplies you will need for this project. To start, you will need at least 5 coffee filters. In class we had access to some extra large iced tea filters, but I think with at least 5 regular sized ones (do more if you want!) you will end up with a beautiful design.

You'll also need to go on a hike to find the perfect stick. Kids are great at this, and you may already have a pile waiting somewhere for just the right use!

**Please note, this project takes at least two days to do, as the coffee filters have to dry before assembling.

Faux Tie Dye Suncatchers

Supply List:

Feel free to substitute for items you don't have.

  • 5 plain, white coffee filters (or more)

  • Spray bottle filled with water

  • liquid watercolors (I use these ones in the classroom)

  • a large foil tray (to contain the mess)

  • pipe cleaners

  • a hole punch

  • the perfect stick

  • scissors


Day 1:

  1. Fold each filter in half, 3 times. (Taco, Pizza, Ice cream cone) Make sure to crease so they stay folded.

  2. Spray folded filters lightly with water, on both sides.

  3. Drop colors onto each filter, covering all of the white. Be sure to flip after doing one side, to evenly color the second side. Have fun and play with different color combinations. See what happens when two colors touch.

  4. Set aside to dry and make sure the filters are not touching one another, or the colors will bleed together.

Day 2:

  1. Unfold your dry filters to see the beautiful designs you have created.

  2. Working on the floor or on a large table, lay out your design.

  3. Punch holes in the top and bottom of each filter, wherever you need to connect them, and use pipe cleaners to attach. A simple twist will hold them on. *Use scissors to cut the pipe cleaners down for shorter connections.

  4. Loop a pipe cleaner on top of the stick to hang from, or use a fun yarn/rope you have.

Use as many filters as your heart desires! Try different folds to see if the designs turn out different. Add embellishments like beads or feathers to your hanging creation. Remember to share a photo with me so I can see how your creativity blossomed!

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Jun 01

This looks like a great craft for my toddler. What a unique idea!

Replying to

I would love to see how it turns out!

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